The Conservancy is dedicated to protecting wildlife and strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can successfully thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage.As Tiritose Trust, we are concerned with the conservation and safeguarding of our environment and we have partnered with the Conservancy to push sustainable management of the environment and wildlife. Together, we are bringing awareness to the international world of threats to animals through poaching. We encourage conservation enthusiasts to volunteer on the game park management programme in order to lend a hand to our conservation efforts and prevent the extinction of the endangered Rhinos.


The Sanctuary focuses on providing a nurturing and safe haven for animals and birds. Wherever possible, rescued animals are released back into the wild, but many orphaned, injured and abused domestic and wild animals find a forever home at the Sanctuary. This means there is a great need for food and shelter for the animals, including vaccinations for the weekly dog clinic aimed at eradicating rabies from the surrounding communities. Tiritose Trust assists with raising funds and awareness to the international community about the work at the sanctuary and our partnership continues to get stronger every year. You are welcome to visit the animal sanctuary and participate in the primate, small game and domestic animal programme.


There are very few places around the world where humans and animals live together without artificial boundaries and Kariba is one of those special places. The beauty of it is being able to see an elephant walk gracefully past without being in a safari truck. Unfortunately, the relationship between humans and wildlife is not always this rosey, resulting in wildlife destroying property and in turn humans setting up snares and poisoning the wildlife. Tiritose Trust works together with Warthogs Bush Camp on anti snaring patrols, treating injured wildlife, planting gardens for people so they can generate income and avoid illegal hunting. We can never have enough hands helping out in this vast area and so there is always room for you to team up with us on implementation best conservation practices in Kariba.