Child Future Africa is a halfway house and shelter for orphaned and abused children in the northern part of Zimbabwe. Child Future Africa has done great work in taking care of vulnerable children. The responsibility of the provision of education material is upon their shoulders to meet. Henceforth, the burden is strenuous in the current economic climate in Zimbabwe and it requires extra hands to give adequate educational supplies to the children. Tiritose Trust works with CFA in mobilising resources for the shelter in order to ensure the children and their minders receive nourishing food and are able to attend school.


These are schools near Child Future Africa, where children that are being cared for at the shelter are enrolled.  The schools provide education to the children, imparting life skills in addition to the formal education curriculum. They are relevant in the picture and require great attention due to the fact that there is a shortage of learning materials that include books and other stationery. Along with It’s a Small World Backpackers, Tiritose Trust is pushing vigorously to ensure the schools get adequate learning resources.


I AM MBARE was founded by young people from the community of Mbare, the oldest township in Zimbabwe in order to rebrand the township and open up opportunities for the young people. They are turning Mbare into a healthy and vibrant place to live, running monthly campaigns such as Team Up To Clean Up; a newsletter Mbilez24; a primary school that admits children who for one reason or another are not accepted into the formal public-school system. Tiritose Trust works with I Am Mbare in all these initiatives and our enterprising arm Tiritose Sustainable Travel employs tour guides from the community to run the Harare City Sightseeing Tours.