Tiritose Trust works closely with Chidamoyo Christian Hospital, a full-service hospital set up by Christian missionaries for hospital evangelism in the north-west of Zimbabwe. Chidamoyo treats over 70,000 patients every year. In addition, the hospital operates as a base for medical, academic programmes, including university research. Tiritose Trust donates funds from the medical and academic programmes run by Tiritose Sustainable Travel, funds which are then used to provide medical supplies, scholarships to approximately 3,500 students; and over 50 child-headed households.You can join us in lending a hand to the hospital by volunteering, doing an internship or bringing a faculty-led group through Tiritose Sustainable Travel.


Harare Central Hospital is the principal referral centre for child patients from the Northern half of Zimbabwe. The hospital is also the main service hospital for residents in Greater Harare and the adjoining rural areas. The high influx of patients, due to referrals from numerous medical institutions, are overwhelming for the hospital staff and calls for support from community members to help alleviate the overload. We work primarily with the Children’s Hospital through promoting exchange programmes with medical schools abroad, something that is greatly appreciated as it is also a teaching hospital. There are many ways you can get involved and donating (insert link to donate now button on the word “donating”) directly to the Children’s Hospital or hosting a fundraiser are a few ways to make meaningful contribution to the welfare of children in Zimbabwe.


The Children’s Rehabilitation Unit (CRU) is the largest, stand-alone, children’s hospital in Zimbabwe offering free tertiary level medical and surgical care for infants and children from all over the country. It is a modern, purpose-built facility with the capacity for 300 beds, established in 1986 to serve the needs of disabled children in Harare and surrounding provinces. Our partnership with CRU through Kapnek Trust includes mobilising resources in the form of rehabilitation toys, funds and exchange programmes with university faculty from abroad.


The JF Kapnek Trust works to improve family health, reduce child mortality and create educational opportunities for the children of Zimbabwe. Kapnek supports professionals at birthing centers through training workshops, provision of medical supplies, counselling sessions adults, HIV testing, and administration of the medications needed to treat those found to be positive for HIV. Over 10,000 disabled children benefit from the programmes and we are proud to play a small part in raising awareness and resources to increase the impact of the programmes in Zimbabwe.