Tree Knowers and Growers Tree Knowers and Growers is a group of nursery owners brought together by their mutual commitment to grow more trees for a greener tomorrow. Partnering with Tree Knowers and Growers reflects on our desire to contribute to our environment’s sustainability. The group focus on increasing the tree population in our environment, complementing our efforts to keep our environment safe and habitable. We donate to Tree Knowers and Growers for every individual who travels on any of the internship or volunteering programmes; healthcare, conservation, innovation, city sightseeing tour, day trip or short tours, funds which are channelled towards planting more trees.


The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority’s main objective is to promote tourism and hospitality in the country and to regulate policies regarding tourism and hospitality. The activities of our enterprising arm Tiritose Sustainable Travel are oriented towards reaching notable milestones in the tourism sector whilst maintaining a policy on protecting the environment. The ZTA are a key partner as the tourism board, and we are working with them particularly in fostering volunteer tourism and education abroad as tourism sub-sectors here in Zimbabwe. Currently, we are active participants in the drive towards sustainable tourism through walking township tours. It’s worth noting that Tiritose Sustainable Travel is the current market leader in running walking township tours.


Tiritose shares a common goal with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, which is the promotion of health and good quality of life for Zimbabwean citizens. We have a standing Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry, which saw the establishment of Addictions Recovery Trust; one of the first drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers in Zimbabwe. This was in collaboration with Western Counselling in the United Kingdom.


July 28 are the major players in the information technology consultancy game. Their sole purpose is to help rebuild Zimbabwe one business at a time, embracing the clients’ needs and deliver quality services while adding value to businesses. July28 is the Tiritose Trust accounting and auditing firm and they also assist entrepreneurs and established businesses with cutting edge tech solutions.

I was working on a project in Zimbabwe when Tiritose was brought to my attention. Having a lot of experience in the medical field, they helped my colleges and I get in touch with local organisations and programmes, which opened up a whole new world. Working with these people was very rewarding and taught me so much about the social and cultural context of Zimbabwe.

Helene Tolstrup